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"Primal Storytelling convincingly pushes back against conventional wisdom and the latest trends to present a thesis that is solidly based on human psychology: the most effective marketing strategies must use stories.”
-Indie Reader

Domenick A. Chieco,
Co-chairman of Milrose Consultants

  "Anthony Butler created and implemented a strategic marketing campaign for our company that achieved result s beyond our expectations. Primal Storytelling is a powerful guide to creating brand content."

Andrew W. Singer,
Managing Partner at Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt

  "Anthony Butler deeply understands content marketing and how to use brand storytelling to connect with online audiences."

Doug Klares,
CEO & Founder of Infinity Consulting Solutions, Inc.

"Primal Storytelling is the standard for creating brand content that generates leads and builds audiences. There is nothing else like it."

Joe Wright,
CEO of Kennon Products

"I've known Anthony Butler for several years, and he has enabled me to look at marketing in a different way. His experience and ideas on how to truly connect with people, often through rich stories, have broadened my marketing understanding and helped my business grow."

Debbie Gadbois,
Webb Weavers Consulting

"Anthony Butler tells us that Primal Storytelling is a deliberate process for creating strategic brand content and then shows us how to use his content creation framework to effectively use storytelling to connect with our online audiences."

Chris Manos,
Non-Profit Entrepreneur

"Anthony Butler's Primal Storytelling delivers on the can-do spirit that guides his work. This is the future strategy for digital marketing and is a must read for those wanting to deliver results for their marketing clients!"

Jordan Bronstein,
Business Performance Advisor

"In Primal Storytelling, Anthony Butler provides a crystal clear framework of how to craft powerful brand stories. If you are an entrepreneur, marketer, or seller looking to hone your craft, this book is a must-read to add to your tool kit. As digital media channels continue to distribute an overwhelming sea of content, Primal Storytelling maps out a methodical approach to cut through the noise and connect with your audience on an emotional level, earn trust, and influence behavior."


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