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Anthony Butler

A renowned marketing expert and best-selling author of "Primal Storytelling, Marketing for Humans." With a wealth of experience and expertise, Anthony empowers companies of all types to harness the power of storytelling to achieve unprecedented growth.

Despite facing immense challenges in his upbringing, Anthony defied the odds and embarked on a remarkable journey of success. Joining the army at 18 due to financial constraints, he set his sights on the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Anthony's insatiable thirst for knowledge led him through the rigorous West Point experience and later to a decade-long stint as an Infantry Officer and graduate of the US Army Ranger School. These formative years on the front lines taught him invaluable skills in logical thinking, leadership, and goal achievement, all of which would become instrumental in his future endeavors as an entrepreneur.

Seeking a better work-life balance for his family, Anthony transitioned to the civilian world, becoming a top-performing salesman and gaining profound insights into various businesses and industries. His exceptional performance caught the attention of an early stage tech start up, where he quickly became their #1 salesman worldwide, driving millions in yearly recurring revenue, until the company’s nine figure sale.

Inspired by the success he witnessed, Anthony became a serial entrepreneur founding multiple companies. In 2014 Anthony founded his current company, Can Do Ideas, and was doing more than $20,000/month in revenue within the first year.

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