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Primal Storytelling is a marketing system that generates
more website traffic, grows social media audiences, and grows revenue.

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Bonus 1

Bonus 1

Primal Storytelling Mini Course

Unlock the secrets of effective storytelling with our
exclusive Primal Storytelling Mini Course. This bonus serves as your shortcut to seamlessly applying the proven system outlined in the book to your business.
Discover how to leverage the stories you already possess and watch as the pieces of the storytelling puzzle effortlessly fall into place.


In this training, I guide you through my process for delving deep into the core of your business. Learn how to unearth the essential answers to key questions such as why you're in business, how you aim to make a positive impact on the world, and who your ideal audience is. Armed with these genuine
insights, you'll find that the entire storytelling system aligns harmoniously, empowering you to elevate your business narrative to new heights.

Bonus 2

Unlock Business Growth:

Master the Art of Scaling with 4
Powerful Stories!

Dive into Bonus 2 to discover the essential four stories
that will propel your business to new heights. This exclusive content unveils the key narratives that not only captivate attention but establish a profound connection with your ideal clients on a primal level. Learn how to sidestep the prevalent pitfalls in digital marketing and craft a distinctive voice that rises above the online noise, setting your brand apart.

Bonus 3

Revolutionize Your Email Marketing: Uncover the Art & Science of High-Impact Nurture Campaigns!

Explore the cutting-edge process that seamlessly blends art
and science in crafting emails that not only capture attention but drive real results. Bonus 3 reveals the secrets behind creating email nurture campaign that boast impressive open rates, read engagement, and compelling

Discover the power of integrating primal 'mini-stories' into
your emails, drawing your audience into a narrative that resonates with the stories already unfolding in their minds. With years of proven success, I've achieved open rates soaring as high as 30%, 40%, even 50%+, surpassing industry

Unlock the potential of your email list by applying the
Primal Storytelling formula to your email marketing, using a unique structure that delivers breakthrough results. If you've ever grappled with monetizing your email list, this bonus is your ticket to discovering the hidden gold within and achieving the breakthrough you've been searching for.

Bonus 4

The Blueprint for Long-Term Marketing Success: Unveiling The Primal Marketing Triangle!

Discover the essential components that converge to establish
a robust and enduring marketing program for your business. Bonus 4 introduces you to The Primal Marketing Triangle – a critical yet often overlooked dynamic in the business landscape.


In this in-depth training, I delve into the intricacies ofthis poorly understood foundation that many businesses, even those I consult
with, tend to neglect. The Primal Marketing Triangle serves as the bedrock of every triumphant campaign, and by focusing on this core element from the system, you're guaranteed to witness a significant improvement in your marketing performance. Elevate your business strategy with this indispensable bonus!

Bonus 5

Fast-Track Your Brand Transformation: Unlock Pillar Pages & Persona Worksheets for Instant Action!

Accelerate your implementation with this exclusive package of
downloadable templates and worksheets meticulously crafted to swiftly translate the concepts from the book into actionable steps.


Aligned with the Primal Storytelling system, these resources
serve as a shortcut, enabling you to take immediate action in constructing your distinctive brand narrative voice and stories. Gain insights into the power of Pillar Pages and their profound impact on SEO – consider this your crash course on building and deploying them swiftly for maximum results."

Bonus 6

Real-World Success Stories: Dive into Bonus 6 with Primal Case Studies!

Gain invaluable insights with Bonus 6: Primal Case Studies,
where I spotlight six carefully chosen examples featuring coaches, consultants, B-B, and B-C businesses, including brick-and-mortar companies. Witness first hand how these businesses have effectively applied the principles of primal storytelling to transform their narratives.

This training is designed to reinforce a crucial understanding – your business is NOT different. The Primal Storytelling formula is universally applicable, and in this bonus, you'll discover how it can work seamlessly in your business.

Unleash your creativity and apply the principles showcased in these case studies to achieve unparalleled success.

Bonus 7

Unlock Peak Productivity: Dive into Bonus 7 – The Harmonic Cycle!

Can’t get it all done? Listen in and learn the exact system
of a serial entrepreneur, coach, father, husband, and a man in his 50s, uses to get extraordinary results. In this training, discover the unconventional approach to productivity that defies common 'guru' advice – a system likely unseen anywhere else. The secret lies in achieving extraordinary productivity while leading a full and rich life, staying fit well into your 50s.

Apply this unique system to your life and business, and
witness a transformative improvement in every aspect. My goal is to help you achieve it all – to become a ripped, rich, and rare individual."